What is the process for adopting a Golden?
First, you need to fill out an Application online or you can print the application and mail it in. We conduct phone interviews and home visits on all of our applicants. Because we are a 100% volunteer-based organization, it could take 1-2 weeks or longer to complete the process. GRFR reserves the right to reject any application for placement.

Once we have a Golden that is right for you, prior to the adoption approval, you must agree that the Golden will live inside your home and will be exercised daily. You must also agree that you will spend the amount of money necessary (between $500 and $1000/year) to care for your Golden and that you are willing to take care of the Golden for the rest of its life. Special Note: Applicants must have a fence to adopt a dog under 8 years. If there are exceptional circumstances and you cannot care for the Golden anymore, you must return the Golden to GRFR.

When will I be contacted about a dog?
Dogs stay in foster care for a minimum of 72 hours and most stay longer as the foster home gets to know them better. The foster home notifies the Adoption Coordinator when the dog is ready to be adopted and provides a description. The foster home is given 3-4 names of potential adopters, based on matching the dog's bio to the notes on the application. Since the foster home knows their dog the best, they decide which applicant to call first.  Our priority is the best interests of the foster dog.

What do I do if I see a dog I'm interested in?
We do not discuss specific dogs with applicants until the home visit has been approved. We want to be fair to all of our applicants and there is no guarantee that a specific dog will be available once your application has been approved.

If you have had a home visit and are approved to adopt, please email us at Staff let us know what dog, or dogs, you are interested in. We will notify the Adoption Coordinator and she will review the application to see if you are a match.

Is there a waiting list for adoption?
Yes, we generally have a waiting list that varies greatly. At any given time, we have 30+ applicants waiting to be matched to their perfect dog. If we have dogs that are immediately available, they are listed under Available Goldens on our site.

Is there an adoption fee?
Yes.  The adoption fees vary depending on the age of the dog.  Please see our home page for information on adoption fees.

Are the dogs kept in kennels while awaiting adoption?
No, our dogs are placed in Foster Care. We accept volunteers to serve as foster families while our Goldens are awaiting placement in their permanent homes.

Do you accept donations?
Yes, we accept monetary Donations as well as donations of dog food, toys, and supplies.

Can I volunteer for GRFR?
Yes, you can Volunteer to provide a foster home, to transport Goldens to their foster homes, to perform home visits to prospective applicants' homes, to assist in fundraising, or to provide clerical support. Even as little as one hour a week would help.

Can I join GRFR?
Yes, you can mail in our Membership Form along with the $20.00 annual membership fee and the proceeds will be used to assist in caring for our Goldens. It is greatly appreciated!

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